Nebraska Minor League Baseball
Western League Standings 1919
President: Al Tearney
Standings Wins----- Losses--- GB
St. Joseph Saints 78 57 --
Tulsa Oilers 77 63 3 ½
Wichita Jobbers 75 65 5 ½
Des Moines Boosters 71 67 8 ½
Oklahoma City Indians 69 69 10 ½
Sioux City Indians 68 70 12 ½
Joplin Miners 57 78 21
Omaha Rourkes 56 80 22 ½

One of Pa Rourke's worst teams. The league was returning to normal but the Rourkes stunk. They were worst in the league in hitting and in the bottom half in fielding.

Bill Jackson returned as manager for 1919. The effects of World War I was still being felt as the Rourkes were not competitive.

Bill Jackson was a regular at first base for the Rourke's. He played in 130 games and had a .258 average. He had a two year stint in the Federal League in 1914 and 1915.

At second base for Omaha was Garde Gislason. He also played some games for Des Moines. He averaged 276 in 110 games. The 24 year old from Milton North Dakota spent four years in Omaha.

Jap Barbeau was at third in 1919. The 37 year old averaged 240 in 113 games. He played for Cleveland in the American League in 1905 and 1906 and for Pittsburg and St. Louis from 1909 through 1910.
Jap Barbeau
T206 Baseball Card--

Short was handled by Pat Mason. He averaged .225.

Floyd Brown caught 20 games and averaged .260. He also was with Omaha in 1920.

The regular catcher for Omaha in 1919 was George Hale. He averaged .208 in 63 games. He was also on the roster for 1920. The Dexter Kansas native played a few games for the Browns in 1914, 1916, 1917 and 1918.

Ed Spellman was a local boy from Omaha. He started with Superior in the Nebraska State League in 1910 and also played for Superior in 1911. He played in 80 games and averaged .323. He played for Sioux City in the Western League and Oakland in the PCL in 1920. In 1922 he was with Norfolk in the Nebraska State League and he played in organized ball through the 1929 season.

Harry Donica from Logan Indiana, was in 61 games and averaged .321.

LaRue Kirby tended the garden for 69 games and averaged .313. He had a cup of coffee with the Giants in 1912 and played for two years in the Federal League.

Adolph Shinkle was in 76 games. He averaged .249.

Edward Hazen averaged .239 in 95 games and Townsend was in 35 games and averaged .189.

Billy Lee averaged .237 in 50 games. He returned to Omaha in 1920. He had a cup of coffee with the Browns in 1915 and 1916.

Graham averaged .220 in 87 games. He split the season between Omaha and Des Moines.

Al Bashang played in 24 games with Omaha and averaged .253. He also played for Evansville in 1919. He played in six games with Detroit in 1912 and two for Brooklyn in 1918.

Ed Hemmingway played in 60 games and averaged .305. He played a few games for the Browns, Giants and Phillies during his career.

Polly Wolfe started his career in 1910. He played one game for the White Sox in 1912 and eight games in 1914. He averaged .180 in 37 games.


Oscar Fuhr from Defiance Missouri appeared in 37 games and was 8-16 for the year. He also pitched for Omaha in 1920. He made it to the majors in 1921 where he was 0-0 for Chicago (NL). He pitched for Boston (AL) in 1924 and 1925.

Otto Merz was 5-5 in 15 games. He also averaged .308 with the wagon tongue. In 1924 he pitched for the Memphis Chicks. The 35 year old from Red Bud Illinois was 20-6 for the Chicks. He played in the minors for 21 years and had an overall 249-243 record.

Charlie Kopp was 16-16 in 42 appearances. He pitched for Omaha in 1918 and 1920 also.

Leo Townsend was 10-16 in 35 games. Born in Alabama he played in seven games with Boston (NL) in 1920 and one game in 1921.

Adolph Shinkle was 6-7 in 20 games, Sandy Burke managed a 6-9 record in 16 games and Earl Schatzman was 7-9 in 23 games.

Data from December 11th issue of the Sporting News

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